The Ozidu house which accomodates sleepover guests, had this genius idea (and I don’t mean this sarcastically) , to throw open the space periodically to show off art and talk about our rich culture.

I was invited for my third (missed out on the second), of such visits and this time, unlike the last time,  I was free to attend. The theme of this 4 day affair was on Colonisation and it’s impact on Nigerian Art, presented by the CEO, Hamza Atta and the  role of art and artists in our society, a Talk also given by Aziza Atta, CEO of Ozoza Lifestyle.

There were colonial pictures on the walls in the corridors and the rooms done up, down to the colorful beddings also. Everywhere in this house was a background for art- the corridors and rooms.

Ozoza exhibited their colorful African portrayal of art in jewelry and soft home accessories amist refreshments wine and juice with delicious hors d’oeuvres, nothing fancy but quite tasty, and served by men in muscles.. yep, their muscles looked like they were worn. Their attire was fine Ankara worn toga style.



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