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Nigerian Artiste Waje

She was one of the four judges of The world acclaimed franchise, THE Voice Season 1 and is a judge in the ongoing Season 2.

She was also the secret behind that female voice in PSquare’s popular 2008 hit song, ‘Do Me’ . Yep, who can forget that song? She’s shared songs with Banky W and rap artist, MI, the stage with Bono, Keri Hilson and Wclef Jean … and while we’re still sharing fun facts about our July Woman Crush and Cover feature, Ms.  Aituaje Aina Vivian Ebele Iruobe (We googled her full name before the interview!), here’s one unforgettable fact- Three Octaves! That’s the range of Waje’s voice when she belts out!

 Besides her music, we were lucky enough to get her to answer a few questions about fashion and her personal style:

1. Why do you think you have such a positive response to your brand / music?

       Hmm… wish I could give you a list of reasons but I guess it would be grace and being able to say that I’m living my truth.
2. What was the tipping point for you as an artist? 
   I dont think I have gotten to my tipping point yet……… there’s so much to do, but everyday is a blessing and a new playing field to channel the right energy, to break new  grounds-  that will be tipping for me! lol!

3. What inspired your #mountain campaign & what kind of impact is it making?

  I wanted people to feel empowered and driven. to fight for what they believe in and live life with no boundaries.  The impact is a journey and we are not there yet but keeping the conversation going will make more people feel part of this and do things in their little way.
4.  Will the lines between work clothes and casual clothing get more blurred, do you think?
  I hope so……….. I think work cloths are boring  lol!
5. Your worst impulse fashion buy? 
Skater skirts …… I wear them like once a year lol, a total waste because of my body shape (my personal opinion though).

6. Fashion item you would never wear?

Hmmm, never say never cos if its styled properly it might just work ….. oh wait!!! six inch heels? Maybe that.

7. Your go to outfit for a night out with friends? 

Sequined shorts and a lovely top with pretty sandals, a long mane and  my signature smile.

8. Glass half full,  half empty or is the glass just malformed?

The glass is definitely half full.

9. Worth fighting for… 

My joy and peace of mind!

10. What are you most excited about at the moment?     My latest album!

Waje works with the youths of her community through an organisation “Waje’s Safe House”, where she teams up with other NGOs quarterly to help fight for their cause. The first project supported under Waje’s Safe House was the Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children, assisting the Project HELP (Help Educate the Less Privileged) which the goal of raising funds for allowing children to continue their studies in the school in Makoko, through Ring Back Tones with her hit singles “Oko Mi” and “I Wish”.
Photos: Courtesy Waje