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COO Banrut Rolls Nigeria

In Nigeria, we really have very few manufacturers who are women, and even fewer who are in their thirties! Adebola Adefila, is the COO of Banrut Rolls Nigeria with a vast knowledge of the Nigerian market. Serving at various capacities in business, Bola is quite active in various entrepreneurial and business groups, helping other manufacturers build profitable businesses.

Bola Adefila

A wife, with two young girls, she’s the kind of entrepreneur and manufacturer you don’t see everyday! So there has got to be questions- is she one that gets her business done in Louboutin stillettos, Ballet Flats or a pair of Adidas Superstar? what got her into manufacturing in the first place, and does she have any time for fashion? What’s her style personality? What kind of places would you find a person like this hanging out? and would she shy away if you ran into her? or would she engage you big time?

Want to know the answers like we did? Well, buckle up:

1. Why did you decide to go into tissue manufacturing?  Was it something you dreamed of doing?

Tissue manufacturing was borne out of the quest to take the family business further. Never dreamt of it, just desired to manufacture something that’s utilised daily.


2. What was the tipping point for your business?  The tipping point was when our products gained acceptability spreading into 33 states of the federation.

3. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done as a manufacturer?   Laughs! Can’t think of any strange thing.

4.Who has inspired you the most in your career?  My mum: she’s never shaken by any situation, love her tenacity. She can bring out water from a rock

5.Why do you think you have such a positive response to your brand? I’d say it’s the quality of our products & its packaging.

6. Crowds,  Small groups or “Go away, I’m a loner! “? Small groups…

7. Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect on what’s inside us?Hmmm!!! Not always, sometimes we wear clothes to actually cover what’s on our inside and sometimes our clothes truly reflects who we are.

8. The best thing about your job is….The fulfillment I get knowing my brand is a household name.

9. Your number one fashion rule?  Dress your size.

10. You’d never catch me wearing…6 inch heels!

11. What’s the most unexpected thing about you? I can be set in my ways

12. How would you describe your personal style?  Casual,Classic, Feminine,  Trendy, Boho Chic, Edgy/Eclectic,  Bombshell/Sexy or Minimalist?

Casual.13. The music I’m listening to right now is…Our God by Chris Tomlin.

14. The book(s) that changed my life… 7 habits of effective people by Stephen Covey.


15. Success to me is…Fulfilling Purpose!