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Gospel Music Star

Glowreeyah Braimah is a kaleidoscope of colours! Warm, Creative, Passionate and Humorous, this ‘Vibrant Christian Worshipper’ is also a Lawyer (with experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Telecoms Regulatory/Stakeholder Management sectors).

Glowreeyah Braimah

A Script-writer, Glowreeyah wrote for Sesame Square Productions (Sesame Street Workshop International in conjunction with USAID) and founded an NGO-The Starbeam Youth Foundation to express her pursuit for her passion for working for child-related, value-based and educational causes. Aside from singing duets and hymns with her as he played the piano, Glowreeyah’s father fondly nicknamed her ‘The Bridge’. Perhaps, he foresaw her innate ability to relate with ease and connect with people, irrespective of their gender, age, race or circumstance.
Glowreeyah has been known to write all her songs based on her personal experiences.
Her debut album titled ‘The Expression’ was released on October 11th, 2015. This 16-track album also features ‘Miracle-Worker’-the hit-track/worship anthem sweeping across the entire globe with various testimonies on the rise. Glowreeyah is versatile in her expression. Definitely a Worshipper with a difference, we had to get her on SBM! After this interview you certainly will agree she’s one to be inspired by:
1. Why is your name spelt ‘Glowreeyah’ and not ‘Gloria’ as most people are familiar with? 

I just didn’t want to accept as normal what I could add an interesting and creative twist to.It made me only too glad to see the name come alive.Every Gloria was a Gloria.Why be just a Gloria when you can be “‘GLOWREEYAH”?

2.What’s a normal day at work like? 

I have a very unusual work schedule.I am blessed to have a bit of structure and a supportive team to assist though.My work tugs at me from my various endeavours. Apart from my Music Ministry/Industry schedule(which entails administrative tasks,studio recordings,interviews,intermittent travels and/or tours,etc),i have to juggle other balls from my other business,creative and humanitarian expressions which are The Creatorium (my Legal and Creative Consultancy),The Starbeam Foundation(outreach to Girls and Communities) and The Statement Child.
3. What’s the best thing about what you do? 

IMPACT,IMPACT,IMPACT!There is no greater joy than the realization that what i do is changing perspectives,shifting mindsets,steering conversations,creating culture and ultimately making an eternal difference in someone’s life and destiny.One life influenced positively is enough to light up a whole community,nation and generation.

4.What are your favorite pieces to wear when going for an event? 

 Comfortable shoes(I have now resorted to wearing block heels).I recently finished a course in Jewelry Design in the United Kingdom and have resorted to making and wearing handmade statement pieces(necklaces and earrings) from my collection.

5. My number one fashion rule is… “Don’t wear anything that your nieces/nephews,Godchildren and future kids will look at one day when going through photos or surfing online and cringe at because it is lacking in decency or in style’.

6. What ridiculous fashion item do you own that you refuse to throw away? 

 You might call it ridiculous, I call it vintage.My late Mother’s cracked Sunglasses from the “60s.

7. My biggest ‘pinch me’ moment was.. 

It was in 2014.There i was filling out a form just before a radio interview at The Premier Gospel Station in London.The question asked was ‘What are you currently listening to on your playlist?’.While filling the form,i started humming the song.A few seconds later,i looked up to see a strange pair of boots(reminiscent of hooves) and this man standing a few metres away from me.In a matter of seconds,i was introduced to Matt Redman.He wrote the widely-acclaimed worship song ”10,000 reasons.The very song that i was humming under my breath and filling out on a form.I kept stuttering in disbelief. Who would have ‘thunk” that?(As the Americans would say)!Talk about serendipity!

8. Crowds,  Small groups or “Go away,  I’m a loner!” ?

 Hahahaha!!!I am a perfect blend of all.Crowds because what i do is inevitably for people of all ages,phases,races and stages! Small groups allow for easier mingling and meaningful chit-chats/conversations.It’s easier to remember a face or name or make a connection in this mix.Lonesome is another blissful attainment!Oh for the moments of soft instrumental music playing from my stereo,one solo light shining from my lamp-holder,scented oils burning in a corner and the solitude of my thoughts etc.As much of a people-person that i am,I really do enjoy my own company.

9. The person who inspires me most is… 

 Apart from my late Mother who was just a Wonder Woman,it has to be the average Nigerian young woman!My fellow sister out there!How she is able to push through cultural barriers,glass ceilings and insurmountable emotional and physical circumstances to discover herself,find her expression,multi-task amidst varying responsibilities,bring forth plenteous returns and still look beautiful inspite of it all! She deserves my utmost respect! 

10. Do you think the clothes we wear reflect what’s inside us? 

 There’s truth in that statement.Our beliefs,our values and even cultural expectations somehow determine how we dress outwardly.Sometimes,what we wear might not necessarily reflect our personal disposition but a shared or collective one. Perhaps these influences stem from popular culture or fads and trends.However, inspite of our edgy and daring needs for self-expression,it is vital that we remember that we owe one another and the society at large, respect,decency and modesty at all times.

11.What are you most excited about at the moment? 

 I am most excited about recording my sophomore album which i am currently working on.I just released 2 singles ‘Jesus is here” and ”Open Heavens”’. I am also elated at my budding endeavour called The Statement Child which will give a platform for my handmade creative/design pieces to be showcased on.Overall,i am grateful for the opportunity through my Project RACK and Project BEAM Initiatives through my NGO(The Starbeam Foundation) which aims to collaborate with individuals,NGOs and Corporate Organisations to help battered girls find their footing in life and in their various communities.
Her website, www.glowreeyah.com is rife with the inspirational experiences that have birthed most of her songs in her faith-journey. She says-
‘I may never have the force and prowess of the world’s greatest armies or the vast reserves of the super-powers but what I have is heart, life and love enough to change my generation; with one word, one song, one expression, one person at a time’!
Photo courtesy Glowreeyah Braimah