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A2ME Fashion

I was introduced to Suzanne, the Creative Director of A2me Fashion, A global fashion house based in Canada, by a mutual friend. She sent me a link to her website and I decided to have a chat with her afterwards. Her designs were simple clean as globally acceptable, but colorful and rich, the way we, Nigerians like our fabrics!

We talked about a feature on SBM so the SBM readers get to know more about her, and so here we are:

1.What style of clothes do you make & who’s your target market?

 My fashion philosophy is “Transferring African values into western contemporary dressing. As a result some of my designs are created in custom prints. I have an unreserved passion for fashion so this inspires me to remain original and creative. I go above borders towards making sure my designs, mostly the fashion pieces are created in luxurious unique fabrics. I pay good attention to detailing and finishing too. My target market are confident women who are not confused by “Trend” They go for a designer who is original, creative, and provides both aesthetic and comfort in their clothing.

I developed a line of African inspired print T shirts for male and female and T shirt dresses. My target market here is simply any adult who is inspired by print and inadvertently misses “HOME”. As immigrants, cultural clothing and food are amongst the greatest challenges we suffer emotionally when we live far away from home.

This line is developed to partially bridge that gap so we can still feel at home even though we are far away from home.

  1. What kind of projects do you have the most fun working on?

 Creating my sample pieces is HEAVEN!! I feel positively overwhelmed bringing my imagination from a sketch on paper to an actual garment. It’s fun and emotionally rewarding.


  1. Every woman’s wardrobe should have…

A pair of black pants and a wrinkle free top.

  1. What are your favorite colors to work with?

 Red…the positive vibes from red color is endlessly inspiring!


  1. What’s the biggest thing you struggle with as a designer?

I struggle with control and detailing. I want to bring out limitless designs per collection. In terms of detailing I spend a lot of time trying to accommodate various body shapes in my designs.

Demography and location is an issue for now but with the power of e -connections I am positive it will get better soon.

  1. When I’m working on a new collection I always….

 I always imagine the satisfaction it brings to consumers.

  1. One fashion item I could never leave home without is…

My Earrings!

  1. I would like to splurge on….

 Custom piece clothing, costume jewelries and shoes.


  1. Style is… Everything but Competition!


  1. What are you most excited at the moment?

I’m invited to showcase my designs at the Western Edmonton Fashion show which takes place in Edmonton at the end of September, 2018.


Photos: Courtesy A2me Fashion